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by Kasper B. Graversen, 2008

Since the framework is still much in its infancy, I urge you to download, trial it and comment on it in the forums.


v1.0.11, 13.05.08
  • Changed version into gold.
  • Added sqlorm-with_src.jar to the sqlorm.zip containing both classes and source files for better integration with IDE's.
Upgrade guide: Just replace the sqlorm.jar
v1.0.11B, 21.04.08
  • Added ConstantsDump and wrote comprehensive documentation for it.
  • Added ResultSetForMetaData for improved access to ResultSet data.
  • Added support for the generated constants of ConstantDump in SelectBuilder
Upgrade guide: Just replace the sqlorm.jar
v1.0.02, 06.03.08 More fluid SelectBuilder. Now you can chain e.g. an ORDER BY on an and(). See the test cases for more details.
v1.0.01, 26.02.08 Initial release ...